Sunday, January 05, 2014

Striving Episode 41 - Immersion & Normal Mind

This week Shawn talks about immersion into self-work and what it taught him so far.

Some podcasts: Ram Dass Bhagavad Gita


Toddias said...

Hi Shawn,

I just wanted to say how happy I am to have found this podcast (ironically enough, I found it via Twitter)!

I have followed GWJ for years (albeit quietly as a listener and not as a very active Forums member) and coming upon this today was a wonderful discovery.

I have been trying to practice self-work, meditation, etc. on and off for the past 'x' years, but never with much lasting success. Part of what I have been trying to come to terms with was how to apply things I was learning to my particular lifestyle. In basically every book I read, I was offered wonderful, insightful, practical, etc. etc. advice. So much makes sense but applying it...well that part often stymied me a bit.

So, to stumble upon your musings now was a boon for sure. Why? Because you are tackling some of the very things I also have been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to tackle. Work/jobs, stress, video games, podcasts, TV, etc. - and how those things fit/should fit into my life. I was winging it all and trying things out and it is just nice to see I am not the only one. It is good to see what you are looking at and how you have approached those things and where that is leading for you. Not as a blueprint for what I might try but more as a support thing.

It was doubly good to find now because for my 2014 I had already decided to make it a "year of the mind". I spent basically all of 2013 focusing on "the body". Getting a nice and stable 5 or 6 days a week workout routine going. Improving my overall eating habits. Limiting my drinking. Etc. I approached it all slowly and developed it over the year to the point where it became my "lifestyle". Now that I feel I have a good foundation and path there, I want to move forward and get back into meditation and self-work and replacing consuming (products, media, etc.) with producing (study, projects, hobbies, saving money, etc.). To focus on "the mind". Finding someone who has been tackling similar items - well, it is very nice indeed.

Keep up the good (self)work and keep the episodes coming.

Thanks again,

Todd (toddias on the GWJ forums; although I fairly invisible there)

Shawn said...

That's great Todd, thanks! Sounds like you're going into 2014 with a good head of steam. I'll definitely be interested to hear about what you end up doing/studying this year. Keep in touch!

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